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july2013babies's Journal

July 2013 Babies
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Due date community for babies due in July 2013
This community is for women who are pregnant and due in July 2013, or shortly before or after, as well as their spouses or partners.

When you join, please comment on the visible post with your estimated due date. If you are using a 'sock' journal, please include your regular journal name.

After you're approved, please post an intro post! We want to get to know each other. Please use the following format:

Your name?:
Your partner's name?:
What are your ages?:
What do you do for a living?:
What is your baby's due date?:
Is this your first child?:
If not, who are the big brother(s)/sister(s)? How old are they?:
What are you most excited about?:
What are you least excited about?:
Any other information you'd like to share?:

Community Rules:
1. All posts are friends/members only. It is strongly advised that you
leave them this way.

2. No drama, please. We don't have to agree with each other, but disagreements
can be done respectfully. If it's obvious that you will disagree with someone,
please agree to disagree and leave it at that.

3. Feel free to share details of your baby's life! We're all going through the
same things at roughly the same time.

4. Please be sure to comment on the Sunday Survey post, and to keep your Sunday update as a comment there. It's simply easier to update together weekly.

5. Please keep this community a safe space. Please do not use what is shared here as fodder for gossip or anon communities. We expect all members to treat others with respect and consideration. Some of us are able to shrug or laugh off hurtful comments, but some of us are not.